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far away places make me feel closer to you [userpic]

thoughts pouring out

May 28th, 2006 (10:37 pm)
whispers in my ear: pgmg-pearls on a plate

so i did my stint in the hospital and i still don't feel better. i am giving the pills time but i feel like im slipping farther away everytime i take them. i gotta get a grip on my self and i have been realizing that in the past i was the one worth leaving but now i want to be the one worth staying for. i keep getting my nails done just so i c an feel like something about me is pretty. i want to be held and told that im ok that im the way i am. i go in for an interview on tues. then im getting the first half of my chest piece done one wens. im really looking forward to having "never forget yourself" writen on me perminently. ok my rant is over i just needed to get that out. i love you guys and ill post pictures once i get it started.