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far away places make me feel closer to you [userpic]

my car accident

October 7th, 2006 (02:49 am)

in my head/in my heart: sore
whispers in my ear: fight or fall- thin lizzy

so i got into a car accident on the night of the 4th. this is turning into a great b day for me, since its on the 9th.

so i was coming home from ep and the motorcycle in front of me slammed on his breaks so i breaked and went to get over, the car behind me clips my bumper, and then takes off. so i slam into the cement barrier and then 360, then i get hit on my drivers side by a truck and another car. all of this at 70+ mph. so i passed out from my head injury and from slamming into the stearing wheel and then having my airbag deploy in my face, which cracked my nose and has bruised my eyes. i don't remember a hole lot but im just now finding out alot of stuff. the investigation is still pending so when i find out more i will post about it.  
 either way on to the pictures. 

this is what my car used to look like.

hitting the barrier.

being hit.

yup. im in terrible pain and i miss my car like crazy, but it saved my life so there will be a memorial for it.



Posted by: Tkil (tkil)
Posted at: October 8th, 2006 07:57 am (UTC)
Re: ouch

Awesome. Just posted on your journal and now I got your mail.

Not sure exactly what the sched is here tomorrow (er, today?) ... but I might try to track you all down for lunch, unless you (and your brood) have other plans?